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New Programs on air

Ten new programs have joined the Radio Romney line up.  After working on this for many weeks, Radio Romney has arranged to incorporate several national shows.  With these programs we can increase the number of on-air hours we are available to our audience, as we present the finest, most interesting programming around.  

The new programs include "American Outdoors Radio."  Host john Kruse looks at ways to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and paddle across North America.  John shares the latest tips and advice from experts in the water and in the field, along with uncovering great outdoor recreation opportunities and destinations.

"The Car Doctor" is hosted by Ron Ananian.  He will present helpful tips on how to avoid repair fraud and deception.  Find the best treatment for a car's little hiccups and the bigger ones too.  He may discuss further changes expected in the evolution of the automobile.

"Gary on Guns" is the fastest firearms hour on the radio.  Learn about guns, shooting, firearms laws, and the 2nd Amendment, while having a lot of fun.  Hear about the latest news, legal cases, law changes, and important information any law abiding gun owner should know when purchasing, maintaining and using their firearms.

"American Viewpoints" is a news/talk radio show that does not just inform, it empowers  This is a weekly news, opinion, and public affairs radio show featuring interviews with newsmakers, authors, and activitsts from a variety of perspectives.

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Windy Cutler and Rick Schneider monitor our signal from the grounds of the Peach Festival.

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Pat Turner and Nathalie Abutaha (center) welcome guests to their daily program "Shift Happens."