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Come Work With Us

As a full-service radio station, there will be many functions to perform.  Once we are in full operation, we will need the following jobs filled.  Note that many of these functions can be combined and performed by one person.


Also, please note that Radio Romney is an all volunteer organization.  None of these jobs are paid.

We need:


  • A programming manager, music director, and the like.

  • People to go door-to-door and work the phones to sell commercials.

  • Many announcers and DJs.  We need more people doing these jobs than any other.   There is no substitute for announcers.  Since it is our intention to be live almost all the time, the more people we have, the more hours a day we can broadcast.  Some of the announcers are considered “staff” or “core” announcers, while others will be freelance announcers doing "It's Your Show."

  • Reporters who attend meetings and events, and report their news to the station.

  • Studio engineers and technical help.

  • People to market and promote the station.  We plan to have special events, booths at county fairs, contests, etc., all with the goal of spreading the word about the station.

  • Fund raisers to support the station.

  • Web programmers.  We plan to have a strong on-line presence.  Besides our home website, we need to have constant entries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like.

  • Office administrators.  We run our business like a business, and therefore need people in the office to manage the finances, pay the bills, schedule the staff, and more.

Interested?  Let us know what you would like to do!  Fill out the form on the 'Contact Us' page to volunteer.

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