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It takes a lot of money to keep a radio station going.  Though none of our staff are paid, we still have insurance (media and physical), rent, internet fees, website fees, newsletter fees, equipment upkeep and a host of other fees that we need to pay, and most of these occur on a monthly basis!

While we will make commercial air time available to local merchants and others, we don't want to clog up our air time with too many commercials.  Consequently, we will have to look elsewhere for support.

We need you!  Only with the generosity of our listeners and supporters will we be able to even begin our broadcast.

In short, we invite your monetary contributions.

Please, won't you make a contribution today? 

Radio Romney, Inc. is incorporated in the state of West Virginia.  Our tax exempt application has been approved by the IRS, meaning we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.   That means your donations are deductible from your federal income taxes.  (Consult your personal tax adviser for your individual situation.)

There are a couple of ways to make a donation.  You can mail us a check, use PayPal, or pay by credit card. 



To use PayPal or pay directly by credit card, please click this link:





To pay by check, please fill out this form (you can do it online), print it (see the little printer icon at the bottom), and mail it with a check to:


                          Radio Romney

                          c/o Rick Schneider

                          PO Box 1800

                          Romney, WV  25757

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