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It's Your Show!

Radio Romney will provide opportunities for you to host your own radio program, usually an hour in length each week, wherein you present what you want to present.  Creativity, spontaneity, and humor are welcome approaches to your programs.

You may present just about any type of music or talk radio on a subject of your choice, or call-in programs where like-minded listeners can get together on air to discuss their favorite topic. You will have free reign to highlight your favorite music genres (jazz, bluegrass, big bands, all Beatles, country, etc.).  Announcers may host classic radio dramas, such as old Gunsmoke or Dragnet programs.  Seasonal presentations, such as holiday music, may be offered as well.  There can be standup comedy, cooking shows (on the radio?  Why not?), interviews with your choice of guests, and so on.  We encourage participation by anyone interested, and hope to have a fun assortment of programming.

Previous experience as a radio announcer is not necessary, but each announcer should possess a fun, pleasant, engaging personality.

Prospective hosts will have to apply and submit a detailed description of their proposed program, and each program will have to be approved by the station manager.  Radio Romney will maintain strict oversight of these programs, and hosts will have to agree to follow the station’s rules and policies.  Results will count, as each program will have to attract an audience.  Fill out the form on the 'Contact Us' page to pitch us your idea!

Radio Romney retains the right to refuse any application.  We do not sell broadcast time, and no one will have to pay to have their show presented.

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